What is an auto insurance and why have it?

An auto insurance is a contract that protects you in case of having a mishap or road accident . It also covers the total or partial payment for damage or theft of the car and provides protection to the insured in case of causing injuries to third parties, among other benefits that you acquire in the policy, signed between the insurance company and you.

In addition to protecting your car, the insurance guarantees your peace of mind (as well as the people on board) when an unforeseen event arises that you can not control, such as accidents, thefts or natural disasters. Without a doubt, it is a necessary investment to solve different incidents in which your car may be involved.

For these reasons and more, it is important to have a car insurance that allows you to be ready at all times.

What does an auto insurance include?

What does an auto insurance include?

The insurance includes mandatory and optional parts, depending on the policy that best suits you. This can include:

  • Protection by collision or shock . Covers car damage when hitting another vehicle or against a structure, as well as rollovers.
  • Civil liability for damages to property of third parties . Payment of damages caused to other vehicles, as well as properties such as poles, buildings or public roads.
  • Civil liability for physical damage. In your policy, you can include other people, such as your family members, even if you do not drive your own car.
  • Medical expenses / protection against personal injuries . That can reimburse the medical expenses of passengers in the car. For example, hospitalization, fees and treatments derived from the damages suffered in the accident.
  • Coverage against risks . It is the one that contemplates expenses that are not derived from a shock, such as natural disasters or thefts.

To hire auto insurance, identify what type of protection you need to contract the policy .

To hire auto insurance, identify what type of protection you need to contract the policy .

An insurance agent can help you find the best policy according to your price and support.

Basically, your policy should include:

  • Policy number
  • Endorsement.
  • Name and address of the insured.
  • Name (or business name) and address of the insurance company.
  • General description of your car.
  • What type of coverage did you hire (in what situations does it protect you)?
  • Net premium and total premium.
  • Deductibles
  • Date of payment of the premium.
  • Validity: when the contract begins and ends.
  • Way to pay.

In addition, you must know in detail your rights and obligations, as well as the insurance exclusions . For example, some policies do not cover losses due to partial theft or are not valid if you, as a driver, do not have a driver’s license.

Why have an auto insurance?

Why have an auto insurance?

There are many reasons to have auto insurance , including:

  • Safety in case of an accident or shock, even if it was not your fault.
  • Protection against demands. If you receive a claim for damages to third parties, the insurance will help you pay if you lose the case.
  • Do not pay a large sum of money. The average cost of a car accident is between 25 thousand and 50 thousand pesos.
  • Comply with the law in regions such as Mexico City, where it is already mandatory and can be fined for non-compliance.
  • Medical protection Accidents can happen at any time and it is better to be protected.
  • Save time The experience of your insurer will help you during the post-accident process, which involves negotiating with the insurer of the other driver, making claims and finding a repair shop if your car needs it.

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